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Company Profile


Churen Himal Treks & Expedition (CHT) Private Limited Company is a Trekking and Mountaineering Expeditions, and logistics providing company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. The company is being run by a team of professional,well-experienced and certified with IFMGA/UIAGM Guide NNMGA Guide, Guide, Sherpas, who are a well specialized in organizing adventurous treks & logistic supplies to the mountaineering expeditions in Nepal, Tibet, India, Bhutan and Pakistan, including the world’s tallest and challenging mountains of the Himalayas. Our staffs are familiar with the high altitude environment, glacier, weather pattern, vegetation, etc. The company has been organizing Mountaineering Expeditions to the Mount Everest every season since its establishment; the company provides travel logistics services, which include tent and lodge service for accommodation, hygienic food and personal assistance service to domestic and international professionals to the Mountaineering and Trekking Expeditions to the number of western outfitters, therefore the company is well-reputed in the industry of trekking and mountaineering field.


"Churen Himal Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd." was established in the year 2,000 AD, with a mission to guide all those who are willing to explore the real adventurous in Nepal Himalaya. Our company offers a quality service in the field of mountaineering and trekking with the support of our team of professional, experienced, and energetic climbers and guides. The sole purpose of our company is to provide professional services in the field of mountaineering, peak climbing and trekking to every individual and group in the Himalayas who loves to be thrilled with the beauty of nature and adventure activities. This company is established as per the Nepal government’s company Act 2063 (Reg. No. 12915/056/057) and license No. 513/057 issued by the Department of Tourism. The company is also legally authorized from Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), the central bank of Nepal in dealing with foreign currency and transaction with foreigners and members of domestic and overseas tourism travel agencies.

Churen Himal Treks stands out different from other Travel Operators company. We are Nepalese expedition provider based company in Kathmandu, Nepal. Highly qualified and experienced tourism professionals, UIAGM/IFMGA Mountain Guides, NNMGA Guide, Expedition Leaders, Trek Leaders, Tour Leaders, Rescue Specialists and disciplined field staffs. We value mutual support, self-responsibility, equity and honesty in our team. We work for developing a relationship with our visitors by providing them with a wide range of authentic tour, trekking and expedition packages added with value-based services. You can rest assured that your experience travelling this amazing nation with us is going to be unforgettable.

Apart from our primary concern for our customers’ safety and quality service, we are also committed to delivering the needs of our team members and their respective communities so that everyone gets the fair amount of share. Since our team members are the life and blood of our company, we care about their security and welfare. In addition to the respectable pay policy, we also provide them “Term Life Insurance Policy” to secure them and their families from the upcoming financial crisis and risk factor inherent in their jobs. This practice proudly enables us to be a leading local company who cares and values its staffs for their future prospect

We are the best at what we do. All our staffs and guides are the most experienced in the country when it comes to delegating the guests. There is no one who knows the hills and mountains, the settlement areas and the people the way we do. All these factors make us the best trekking and expedition organizers in the country.

We provide logistics manager, assistant manager, Sherpa climbing guides, cooks, assistant cooks, kitchen boys and porter services. They are well trained for high altitude services, first aid, oxygen system for medical emergency purpose, hygiene and sanitation, customer services and so on. CHT will provide you with all camp facilities, transportation of loads and cargos.

The Managing Director of the company Mr.Mulal Gurung is certified with the IFMGA/UIAGM Guide. He has 30 years of professional experience in the industry, organizing mountaineering and trekking expeditions, and providing logistics service for adventure treks and expeditions.   

We also offer high-quality service to make our clients’ visit a memorable adventure in Nepal and Tibetan Himalayas as well as India, Bhutan and Pakistan. We provide expert service for adventure travel in the Himalayas. This includes adventure trekking, logistic supplies to the mountaineering expeditions, nature and cultural tours, wildlife excursion, and whitewater rafting. We have assisted independent trekkers, private groups and international teams, all the way to their destinations. Our reputation is well recognized within the industry; for the organized, experienced and professional staffs.

CHT is a member of the NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) and TAAN (Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal). The company is committed to conserving the fragile mountain environment and ecosystem by following a strict code of conduct to preserve the pristine environment of the Himalayas.  Therefore, we are an eco-friendly company too.

Furthermore, CHT is a direct agent of CMA (Chinese Mountaineering Association); we can obtain your climbing permission quicker than others do. We have received very good co-operation from CMA during past years so if you are planning for mountaineering expedition to Tibet then we are the right choice for your successful climb in Tibet & Nepal as well.


In order to complete your expedition mission successfully, we provide you as much as better than the best services in each respect. We provide professional Local mountain guides, cooking crew (Indian, Nepali and Continental), supporting climbing Sherpas (who can speak Nepali, Hindi, French & English), and other logistics to achieve your goal. For the Mt. Everest expedition, we make sure your stay at base camp as much as comfortable by providing carpeted floor, heaters and net and a clean dining tent. We supply fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and fresh meat during the expedition period. For the logistics of the high camps, we supply imported dehydrate food; both veg and non-veg, with a brand new best quality high altitude tents. For the Everest North Ridge expedition, we will set up interim camp, and permanent Advance Base Camp (ABC), where you will be served hygienic and delicious food and drinks. And to make your accommodation comfortable at base camp and ABC, we provide the best quality single tent. We also supply store and communication tent, where you can operate your personal laptop/computer etc. Generator and Solar Panel system will be provided to get access to power, re-charging laptop, and a camera etc. Emergency medical back up is really essential for mountaineering expeditions, therefore we keep medical purpose Oxygen with Mask set and Altitude Chamber Bag (PAC bag) and for the fast and reliable communication purpose, a satellite phone will be provided. To internal team communication and monitoring, enough sets of Walkie Talkies with the base station will be provided. Therefore, we consider each and every single aspect to make your trip wonderful, successful, and safe & security.


We have very experienced & professional high altitude guides and climbing Sherpa, who is probably the world’s most famous mountaineers trained in all types of rescue and technical aspects of Mountaineering. We have Sherpas who have climbed Mt. Everest and other 8000m many times. With these experienced Sherpas, we commit to converting your Mountain adventure dreams into a reality. Even other companies will prefer our Sherpas for rescue operations in case of any emergency.


CHT has adequate numbers of operational and administrative staffs in Kathmandu office, all we have are very experienced and talented in their respective jobs. The managing director of the company Mr.Mulal himself is the IFMGA/UIAGM Guide and in charge of the operational/administration team, and each CHT trip will be organized under the direct guidance of Mr.Gurung to maintain the high quality of the services.


Field staffs are the key to the success of any treks & expeditions, base camp cook, climbing Sherpa, climbing Sherpa sirdar (guide), kitchen staff, porters and other. If they are inexperienced and unprofessional, it involves high risks in the mountaineering climbing trip and incurs maximum chances of failure of any trip, therefore Churen Himal Treks is very serious with the issue, and always give high priority to hire highly experienced and professional field staff. CHT has its own regular staffs including Cook, Kitchen helpers, climbing Sherpas, Sherpa sirdar (guide) even have direct contacts with the regular porters and yak mans. Our Cooks are well trained and experienced; they can cater to several numbers of the customers at a time as the desire by the customers. We organized logistic management every year Basic Mountaineering Training(BMT) and Advance Mountaineering Training (AMT) by Nepal Mountaineering Association(NMA).In the training more than 59 pax which is prepared the logistic by our cook and kitchen crews. Our Sherpa and guides are a world-class, multiple times Mt. Everest and other 8000m peaks summiteers. They are well trained about first aid and high altitude rescue. We have been giving them refreshment training at least once a year about first aid & rescue. They have been always highly recommended by our customers. 


We have more than sufficient camping and kitchen gears/types of equipment to run multiple trips at the same time. In order to run any trekking and mountaineering trip in Nepal. Our camping types of equipment are either brand new or used once or twice only. Our dining tents are designed differently than others; more open space inside and looks nicer than other normal dining tents. Our dome sleeping tents are international brands; a two-man tent, 100% waterproof, and best for the high altitude. 


The base camp logistic reflects the quality of the logistic and expedition. Therefore, we have focused on customer need-based comfortable and quality base camp logistics and services. Base Camp logistic includes overall services of the base camp, i.e. Cook, helpers, tents, food and all other facilities of the base camp. We have been well appreciated by our customers about our base camp logistics and set up. 


We highly prioritized our high camp logistic because low-quality logistic put life on a high risk. High altitude tents, it must be strong enough to withhold high-speed wind, for the purpose, we have been different brand tent for the high camps. Our high camp individual dehydrates meals will be backcountry meals or similar quality brands, and ropes and anchors will be a new of renowned brands.


On-time and smooth communication play a vital role in the case of emergency, therefore, we provide a satellite phone for any emergency call and Walkie Talkie set along with its accessories with the base station for the internal communication: from one camp to another camp among the team members. Our Walkie Talkie is a Japan made “Yeasu”, one of the world’s best brands for Walkie Talkie.


Depending on the requirements, we provide solar-generated power supply or generator for the power supply and recharging purpose. We have the Goal Zero solar system and Honda generator. We can set up the system based on requirements of the power and electricity in the camp. 


CHT provides the best brand of the oxygen system for the mountaineering expeditions. We can supply POISK system 4-litre Oxygen cylinder, regulator and TOP OUT system mask.


Weather forecast plays a vital role in the safe and successful expeditions, and it’s key for the Mountaineering expeditions. We believe in the accurate and reliable weather forecast for the best summit window. For the purpose, we have been using and providing this service to our valuable clients since a long time, we have been using Michael Fagan's weather forecast and Nepal Metrologist of the weather forecast (Mr.KB Manandhar) on our expeditions, and it’s always been very accurate and reliable forecast.    


Most of our Trekking & Tours adventures take you to those areas where you can have completely different cultural & traditional experiences. During the trip, you may feel that you are on way to heaven. In our trekking & tours trip, we take you to the real world by introducing different types of culture, tradition & religion. Nepalese have their own cultures, values & norms, which are extremely different if comparing with the westerns culture.

We can operate any trekking & tour trip to Tibet, Bhutan, India and Pakistan as well. We have our own local operator company based in  Tibet, Bhutan, India and Pakistan. They can take care of all the permits, visas & other necessary arrangements from office. We can operate the ultimate extreme Mountain Biking tour, Jungle Safari, Rock Climbing, Wall Climbing, Rafting, Mountain Flight, Heli Tour and other adventures. For any further information, you are welcome to our office at any time.

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